I'm born and live in Bienne, located in the middle of Switzerland.


Besides of my "real" job, I make, create and sell hairstuff since 2004. I enjoy going to gigs, festivals and party all night long. I'm a DJ performing in local clubs with my friends.  I'm also a proud vegetarian for more than the half of my life !


Rock'n'roll helps me to create my stuff. I love crafting while listening to punk rock, soul music, garage rock, r'n'b, boogaloo, exotica and sipping a Mai Tai. 


My inspirations are mid-century stuff, kitschy poodles, vahines, oldschool tattoos, cats, Elvis, sixties Polynesian pop culture (I collect Tiki Mugs),  pin-ups, horror B-Movies,   religious items,  60's muscle cars and Googie architecture and and and many more !

You can find my stuff at festivals like the South Side Rumble in Melide, Rockabilly Festival Lyss, Hangar Rockin' St-Stephan, Vespa Twist Solothurn ... 

Titre 1

Ft Lauderdale, training to become the Mai Kai's Mistery drink girl ! 

Wild Weekend 2004 Benidorm, Spain

Vespa Twist 2009 Kofmehl Solothurn

Vespa Twist 2008 Kofmehl Solothurn

South Side Rumble 2018, Melide 

Vespa Twist 2007 Kofmehl Solothurn

Flea at the Tiki 2015, Dan'Ton-Ku Bienne

South Side Rumble 2019, Melide 

Hangar Rockin' 2006, St-Stephan

Hot Rod Rumble 2005, Kiff Aarau

Rock'n'Roll Market 2012, Elvis & Moi, Fribourg

Travellin' Suitcase 2013, Eldorado Bienne

Rockabilly Festival 2017, Lyss

Rock'n'Roll Market, 2013 Elvis & Moi Fribourg

Artsouk 2008, Dachstock Reithalle Berne

Artsouk 2005, Dachstock Reithalle Berne

Hangar Rockin' 2008, St-Stephan

Hangar Rockin' 2010, St-Stephan

Rock'n'Roll Market, 2010 Elvis & Moi Fribourg

Artsouk 2004, Dachstock Reithalle Berne

Flea at the Tiki 2015, Dan'Ton-Ku Bienne

Rockabilly Festival 2015, Lyss

Hangar Rockin' 2010, St-Stephan

Suicide Twist 2006, Bruxelles

Rock'n'Roll Market, 2008 Elvis & Moi Fribourg

Koffermarkt Marmelade 2013, Bienne

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