I'm born and live in Bienne, located in the middle of Switzerland.


Besides of my "real" job, I make, create and sell hairstuff since 2004. I enjoy going to gigs, festivals and party all night long. I'm a DJ performing in local clubs with my friends.  I'm also a proud vegetarian for more than the half of my life !


Rock'n'roll helps me to create my stuff. I love crafting while listening to punk rock, soul music, garage rock, r'n'b, boogaloo, exotica and sipping a Mai Tai. 


My inspirations are mid-century stuff, kitschy poodles, vahines, oldschool tattoos, cats, Elvis, sixties Polynesian pop culture (I collect Tiki Mugs),  pin-ups, horror B-Movies,   religious items,  60's muscle cars and Googie architecture and and and many more !

You can find my stuff at festivals like the South Side Rumble in Melide, Rockabilly Festival Lyss, Hangar Rockin' St-Stephan, Vespa Twist Solothurn ... 

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