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My parents sell antiques since more than 30 years ... the apple does not fall far from the tree ... I collect midcentury stuff ... much ... TOO MUCH ... sometimes you need to find a new home for your pre-loved things ! Ask for postage prices.

Mes parents sont brocanteurs (donc c'est un peu génétique) certains de mes amis m'ont contaminée et me voilà collectionneuse de ... collections. Parfois, il faut savoir faire profiter les autres !!! Contactez-moi pour les frais de port.

Meine Eltern verkaufen seit mehr als 30 Jahren Antiquitäten ... der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm ... ich sammle Sachen aus die 50er und die 60er Jahre... viel ... ZU VIEL ! Porto auf Anfrage.



A pair of MCM Japan teak wood cat shakers with leather ears and bow ties ! !Hand painted and hand made. Purrrfect gift for a cat lover ! About 8.5cm tall.

Pale pink Murano ashtray Nice seashell shape with a "drumstick" to stub cigarettes out ! 

Small yellow and black vase. Probably handmade and so unique. Says : Christmas 1959 on the bottom. It's Valentine's day very soon !!!

Designed by Steve Crane and used at the Kon Tiki in 1960.

Plastic stoppers are there. Used and very good condition. Can you imagine these little guys are 60 years old ?!?!?

4 + 2 little bamboo knives ... I can count until 6 if you doubt ... but 4 are from the same family and 2 are adopted from another one. The smaller ones are marked "Sollingen". Cut your cocktail decoration with style ! 

Look at those eyes ! So cute ! Perfect to put your savings for your next tattoo inside ! Marked Japan. With a small red padlock ... unfortunately, no key !

Classic Tiki Mug by Fred Roberts, SF. Used in Mövenpick chain Switzerland/Germany between 1975-1977

Large dark green plate. Probably made in Germany. On the back is marked : hand gemahlt (handpainted) + Name. Ruscha style with a nice latin lady carrying her baby on her back.

Wall decoration hanging mask representing a young girl. Marked Achatit Germany with the original sticker on it. 

Cute small round vase. Very stylish black and white decorated with fisches. Marked Ziegler Schauffhausen. You need it !

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