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For cool cats only !

Handmade with meow ! for punk and teddy kitties ! Filled with organic canip, your cat won’t resist ! Craziness guaranted ! the biggest challenge was to take pictures from the fishes with two stealing cats ! so funny !

Each fish slightly different as they are handmade with  leftover of fabric. Filled with 100 % organic canip from the USA, they measure approx. 15 centimeters. CHF 11.-- piece


A la demande de Nelson, Moustique et Taboo, voici les poissons fait main et remplis de catnip bio. Le plus compliqué c’était de prendre des photos sans se faire voler les poissons par des chats complètement fous !Trop drôle ! Chaque poisson est différent car faits à la main avec des restes de mes tissus. Remplis avec du catnip 100 % bio des USA ils mesurent env. 15 centimètres et coûtent CHF 11.-- pièce. 


Taboo, 4 years old, Bienne :

I never leave my pink "Miss Fluff" fish unattended. I'm thinking about starting a collection.

Billy, age unknown, Thunstetten :

Bill Haley is my favourite artist and I'm so happy to play with my new fish around the clock ! See you later Alligator !  


Moustique, 4 years, Bienne : with the lockdown due to Covid, I'm sometimes getting bored. Thanks to the catnip fish, I can play inside and do some fitness on a daily basis..

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